Effective Chiropractic in San Antonio $19 Adjustment for First Visit

There are a number of different techniques, styles, forms and practices that comprise the field of chiropractic medicine. Each style and technique is used by doctors with different practicing beliefs, for different health reasons, and for different types of injury or ailment.


One form of chiropractic care is Network Spinal Analysis or NSA. this practice was first introduced by Dr. Donald Epstein. This form of chiropractic care is carried out under the philosophy that the spine is a channel of energy that connects individual consciousness to planetary consciousness. Network chiropractic doctors are involved with gently reducing tension in the spinal column as a healing art.

The body has the ability to heal itself, this much we know is true, so the NSA method has that at its core, as adjustments are made to specific areas of the neck and spine, in order for other parts of the spine and body to self adjust along with it in response to the adjustment of the first spinal segment. focusing on stress reduction and an uncluttered mind, this form of chiropractic care is said to be more holistic and very honed in on how the body responds to minimal amounts of adjusting, as it is able to adapt to manipulations on its own accord in some areas.

The network chiropractic method often requires gentler manipulation and less force than in the traditional chiropractic approach to adjusting tension in the spinal column, as the areas in which it is usually performed are more delicate and play a large part in things like waking and the movement of extremities. Focusing on the release of spinal cord tension to prevent or reduce the harsh twisting of the spinal column that can often occur as our bodies are put through so much in our daily lives, is a key component to the NSA technique of chiropractic care.. The goal is to use minimum force to produce the maximum results in tension reduction to add to overall health and wellness.

Tension in the spinal cord can disrupt the spinal column and cause severe pain if not properly treated and assessed. Network chiropractic aims to center and align the body in as little amount of adjustments as possible, all in order for the body to heal itself as it is capable of doing, so that the individual is in great health from the inside out.

The Joint in San Antonio, De Zavala has doctors of chiropractic that are well trained, and are well versed in many different techniques and styles of chiropractic care. No appointments are needed at our clinic, and walk-ins with questions, comments, concerns and the like are always welcomed. The first visit for anyone to our clinic is just $19, and this includes a full exam, adjustment and a run down of the full work up between doctor and patient. We want all of our patients to be satisfied with their experience with us, and be as healthy as they can be with our help.

Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice. 

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