Gently Easing Muscle Cramps Thanks to Chiropractic Care


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Have you ever heard of someone getting a “Charlie Horse?” This is a common colloquial term for the condition of muscle cramp, and it is actually not that rare to see someone afflicted with a muscle cramp. Whether you are sitting in a cramped car and get a muscle cramp in your feet, or you are spending a day running around in the hot sun and get a cramp in your calf, muscle cramps can end your day of activity and then some.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, 95% of individuals will experience a muscle cramp at some point in their lives. A muscle cramp is a spasm that occurs in your muscle tissue, developing a knot in the muscle mass. Muscle cramps are accompanied by the feeling of tightness, a lump under the skin in the area of the cramp, and sharp pain shooting throughout the area where the cramp is upon trying to move that muscle.

There are numerous causes to muscle cramps, but it is hard to identify which cause can be attributed to which cramping instance. The most common causes are dehydration and overuse. Combined with fatigue, these occurrences can put a knot in your muscle and give you quite the fit. So how do we avoid muscle cramps? What can we do to prevent these spasms?

A visit to the chiropractor can help align your muscles and bones properly so the chances of developing a muscle cramp are diminished significantly. If a muscle is compromised in terms of its alignment, then part of it may be compressed, leading to the muscle not being able to function fully. If this compressed part of the muscle becomes fatigued enough it can spasm, sending a portion of the muscle into a painful spiral.

Chiropractors can also help you attain proper hydration, sodium retention, and give you advice on developing a plan to avoid cramping altogether. Some of this may include addtional diet recommendations or certain exercises.

Sometimes, cramping is inevitable and even if you do all of the right things to avoid a cramp, you may still get one. Muscle cramps can lead to more serious injuries if not taken care of in the right way. However if taken care of properly, this is not an issue. A chiropractor can help develop a plan that targets muscle cramp prevention and elimination.

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