Get Healthy : Go Green This 4th of July

The Fourth of July is right around the corner! That means hot temperatures, barbeques, bathing suits, hot dogs, burgers and fireworks. Independence Day is a day of celebration, a day to recognize the Unites states and it’s birth, but in doing so, many people forget that the


 very country they’re celebrating still needs to be taken care of, even on its most joyous of days.

So, while enjoying the sun and the fun, try to be as conscious about the earth as possible, after all, it’s the health of you and those around you that you;re saving by going as green as you can this 4th of July.

It may be the biggest day of the year for the disposable party supplies industry, but as convenient as they are, these plastic forks, knives and paper plates are pretty bad for the environment. Stick to regular silverware as best as you can; perhaps encourage those coming to your barbeque to bring their own, so that the clean up is easy and much safer for the environment.

Cut down on your energy footprint this holiday by staying outside. The chances are that the weather will call for it anyway, so turn off the lights and stay outside. When it gets dark, use flashlights or just wait until the night sky is lit up with fireworks.

Go with propane instead of charcoal when you’re grilling; it’s more efficient and uses three times less CO2 than charcoal does.

We all know it’s not a party without proper decorations, and many of us go all out on this once a year event, However, it is just once a year, so perhaps recycling your streamers and signs each year is something you should take into account.

If you’re in charge of the nighttime entertainment go green with your fireworks. Yes, it’s possible. Using fireworks that have less nitrogen are said to reduce the amount of smoke let off into the atmosphere. They’re a little pricier, but they’re much better for the earth and for those who inhale the fumes.

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