Good Technology Inc.’s Forward-Thinking Wellness Initiatives


Wellness promotion is being integrated into the framework of so many different companies throughout the United States. While there are employee-sponsored wellness programs that require specific financial allocations, and high amounts of government regulation, there are tons of other wellness initiatives that companies have taken upon themselves to enact within company culture.

A tech company called Good Technology Inc. in Sunnyvale, California has over 700 employees that work to develop secure mobile platforms for other businesses. Since the company’s founding in 2014, Good Technology has maintained a focus on employee health and wellness, and has enacted various different company policies to promote this concept.

With the technological development of wearables in health monitoring, the trend is catching on within the professional community all across the nation. Good Technology is no exception. The company has fitted each of their employees with a FitBit, which is a wearable formatted like a watch that tracks steps taken, caloric intake, sleep patterns, heart rate, flights of stairs ascended and descended, and so many more components of health and wellness that need to be monitored to provide individuals with a good understanding of where they stand.

With FitBits provided for all employees, Good Technology has created a corporate environment that is interactive and collaborative. The company engages in various competitions using the data collected by the employees’ FitBits. Employees who report the highest numbers in all of the health monitoring categories earn money for charitable contributions, or are awarded prizes provided by those who organize the competitions.

In addition to the incorporation of the FitBit into the company culture, Good Technology provides employees with limited summer hours, flexible scheduling, extended medical leave when conditions develop, the option to work from home on Fridays, and many more lax regulations that give employees the chance to maintain a high quality of life and an adequate work-life balance.

Other companies can definitely learn from the forward-thinking and health conscious policies for Good Technology’s employees. As the corporate culture shifts toward an emphasis on employee health, companies like Good Technology have a leg up in innovation as they continue to contribute greatly to the United States’ working population’s health status.

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