How Being Productive Boosts Overall Health

Being productive leads to more time to enjoy other things in our lives that aren’t deemed mandatory or that are luxuries and bring pleasure and not stress or anxiety. The key to being productive is prioritization. Those who we see in our daily lives who seem to get so much done in so little time, do so because of focus, drive, determination and a number of other habits that help them to properly achieve so much. Some of which are listed below.

listKnowing when to check email and when not to is a great way to pull yourself out of the trap that can be email itself. Often times we go to our inbox to check email, and end up reading, sending, editing and doing all kinds of other unproductive and unnecessary things that take time away from the real task at hand. Moderate checking only out of necessity is key to cherishing time.

Some people simply have to get things right before they can go onto the next activity. This is both good and very bad, all at the same time. Being a perfectionist shows you take pride in your work and want everything to be as it should be. However, if you’re doing this so much that you cannot go on to the next task, then your productivity is declining in the process. Do it once, check it, move on.

Learning that it’s not about the hours you put in but what you accomplish is a key rule to live by. Emphasis on work will in turn make sure that everything that needs to get done will get done. Focusing on the right things will lead to better outcomes every single time.

Proper planning is essential to productivity. Having everything mapped out before you attack it gives you a reference point when and if you decide to stop, and it allows you to see the finish line. Having landmarks for goals gives you better vision and drive on the way to their completion.

Productive people are happier people, simply because they have time to be. Without a plan of action, the room for error and the room for other things to cloud the productivity gained is just too big. Mental and physical health can be taken for granted when so many other things start to pile up.


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