How to Keep Your Baby Safe Outdoors

picture of babyIn a busy world, today’s baby frequently joins the stream of traffic with mom and dad.

But when it comes time to have some fun as you go biking, hiking or jogging with baby, it’s important to select the right equipment and know what the hazards can be, according to the American Chiropractic Association.

How the Joint Can Help

Your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic, can help, serving as a wellness base for the whole family, and providing good safety tips when using baby carriers, joggers and trailers.

Stop by before you head out, and do a family wellness visit with each member of the family getting a spinal health profile and diagnosis. Then you will be fully prepared to use the chiropractor for whatever comes up down the road.

Next, choose the way you and baby should travel and shop for the best equipment.


  • Use a baby jogger if you want to go jogging with an infant. A baby jogger is a rolling pushcart that the parent pushes as they run along behind it.
  • Make sure the handlebars are large and adjustable. Make sure they fit in your hands giving you complete control. Keep them upright as much as possible.
  • Make sure there are handbrakes and a locking mechanism.
  • Make sure the jogger comes with a good shoulder harness to keep the child safely in place.
  • Look for large bicycle-type tires to give the most stability and control.
  • Only jog on smooth surfaces.

Baby Slings

  • Baby slings are convenient for outings for mom or dad, but remember slings are only for very young infants, and there are safety issues.
  • Be aware of the outside temperature and be aware that the baby can become overheated in the sling. Also be sure the sling material does not interfere with the baby’s breathing.  
  • Never jog or run with a baby in a sling or backpack carrier. The motion can damage the baby’s neck, spine and brain.

Finally, take care of yourself as you lift your infant in and out of joggers or bike trailers. Keep the baby close to you as you lift and use your leg muscles to power the lift. Never bend from the waist.  Best idea – start with small trips and learn as you go, discovering what works for you and your infant.

Great Backup

As you enjoy the time ahead with your new outings, remember The Joint is ready to help you whenever you need it. Walk-in visits are welcome. Weekend, weekday and evening hours are available, and the hassle of insurance has been eliminated. There is an affordable care plan that makes care feasible for everyone. See you at The Joint.

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