Is Your Poor Health Due To You Draining Your Own Energy?

It’s been said quite often that time management is essential to living a happier and more productive life. In turn, having these things be the basis for your life will make you healthier, as those who are poor time managers in their lives become more stressed and anxious, and these things (among others) can lead to a wealth of health issues.dead

However, more and more people that investigate the way in which we live out lives and how it affects our health are starting to say that energy management and not time management is key to a better and healthier life. Preserving your energy as best as you can gives you more of it to use when it’s absolutely necessary, and when you want to do so. Using all of your energy on work and things that can cause stress doesn’t give you much time for using your energy on fun activities in your down time. Take a look at some of the more common signs that you’re draining your energy and try to avoid them so that you can use your time more efficiently and be healthier.

Work, Work, Work

Having great work ethic is one thing, but when it consumes your life, your time and your energy, it can start to negatively affect your health. By doing what you can and what you must all of the time, you’re draining yourself in a hurry. Perhaps after completing something in the workplace you should ask yourself how it made you feel and if it caused your energy level to be severely depleted. If it did, then maybe cut back on these things as much as you can. Do what you must, but don’t try to do it all.


One of the most essential things needed for the body to run correctly, sleeping is often overlooked in those who drain their energy on a daily basis. Without sufficient sleep, the body cannot connect with the brain and then your health and well-being come into play. Even with a highly demanding schedule, you should always find time to sleep, as constantly burning the midnight oil is also burning up your energy resources.

Efficiency & Priorities

If you’re suffering from a lack of energy when you actually do get the time to sit and stop, it may be because you’re trying to be overly-efficient and you may have prioritized things a little incorrectly. Take a step back, look at the things you hold near and dear to you, and see how they affect the energy that you have. If the things you’re doing can be re-evaluated and prioritized a little differently, then this can be the key to giving you more energy in your life; energy you can spend on things that make you happy and healthy.

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