Learn How To Beat The 3 O’clock Slump



Like most other Americans, when the clock strikes three I am more than ready for a nap.  By this time I have been awake for about nine hours, I just recently had lunch and I just can’t seem to focus on my work. If you feel this afternoon fatigue like I do, then you understand how much of a struggle it can be to productively get through the last couple hours of the day. Below are some of the habits we fall into once the afternoon slump hits us and a few solutions on how we can make this better.

Your Morals Seem To Go Out The Window

A study done at Harvard University found that people are more likely to do immoral activities in the afternoon. Meaning, if you are going to lie, cheat and sneak, it is most likely going to happen after lunch. This doesn’t mean you are going to go postal on a coworker, but the study discovered that people who usually did the right thing committed more negative actions in the afternoon. This is because we just get so mentally tired that people are willing to do and say anything if it means they can get the task over with. In order to make sure you are making the best decision for the really important things in your day, schedule them in the morning rather than in the afternoon.

You Are Not Getting Out Enough

Staying in the same, small cubicle for eight hours or more a day is not good for anyone’s mental wellbeing. It is no wonder that more people begin to feel a little stir crazy once the day begins coming to an end. Studies also found that the carbon dioxide levels in the room increases throughout the day due to breathing, causing people to feel unfocused, tired and unable to make good decisions. In order to avoid this phenomena, keep your office window open throughout the day. If you don’t have a window, take a walk outside on your lunch break or put a few plants in your office (they absorb CO2).

You Are Getting Your Energy From The Wrong Places

Drinking sugary , highly caffeinated energy drinks are doing way more harm than good. Not only do they cause you to crash, but if you plan on going out with friends after work, having drank a few of these energy beverages wll intensify your night. This means that even if you had an energy drink early in the afternoon, it will effect your night out, causing you to become more intoxicated and more hungover. Skip the energy drinks and opt for high energy foods instead.

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