Learn The Real Truth About Body Fat

a picture of a man runningLowering your overall intake of calories is usually the go to way that people look to decrease their total body fat and lose an ample amount of weight. Now while this is effective, because all of our bodies are different, the strategy isn’t quite as straight forward or black and white as it may appear. There are certain nuances behind the way in which cutting calories truly works.

Knowing which foods to eliminate from your diet can mean the difference between losing the right type of weight and losing the wrong type, which can then hinder you from reaching your weight-management and body-composition goals. Eradicating many of the myths that surround diet and exercise can help you to better understand and grasp the concept of how losing weight truly works, especially in regards to body fat.

Myth #1 – Lowering your food intake, eating smaller meals or even skipping meals is an effective and safe fat burning strategy.

Fact – Adhering to a low calorie diet is beneficial to your weight loss goals, it is only effective in the short term, and since most diets need to be seen out through a long period of time, this isn’t overly wise to make part of your health habits.

A study published in the journal Obesity found that diets containing 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day are just as effective as other low-calorie diets that have 800 or fewer calories each day. If you consume the right foods, the calorie count is actually not quite as important, as an influx of healthier foods will help you to shed weight faster.

Myth #2 –Taking out any form of high-fat dairy foods from your diet is a quick way to rid yourself of body fat.

Fact – It is true that opting for low-fat dairy foods may help lower your overall calorie intake, to shed fat, you do not necessary need to stick to this as your permanent solution. In fact, a low fat dairy diet alone actually means that you are at a higher risk for developing abdominal obesity. High-fat dairy intakes are associated with lower body fat, as they do not contribute too obesity in any way and coincide with a healthy all around diet.

Myth #3 – Cardiovascular exercise is a better fat-burning workout than resistance training.

Fact – Cardiovascular and resistance-training exercises are equally important to anyone’s healthy fitness routine, as they both aid in doing their part to help you shed weight. With both forms of exercise doing the shedding a little differently, one does not trump the other. Cardio exercises burn calories, while strength training helps tone and build muscle, which in turn burns fat and revs up the metabolism speed.

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