Preventative Chiropractic Care Like Taking Care of Teeth

Just because we’re not feeling pain does not mean that our bodies are functioning to the best of their ability. While it is true that if we’re in pain, we’re certain that something is wrong — but did you know that pain is actually the last symptom of dysfunction?  

Think about it. We don’t begin brushing our teeth once we have cavities or wait to go to the dentist until we’re in pain — so why would we wait to take care of spines until we’re in pain? 

Did you know that spinal disability is the most common cause of disability in persons over the age of 50? Or that nearly 85 percent of people will experience some sort of low back pain during their life and 35 percent will experience some sort of neck pain? Perhaps this is because, just as we have to work to keep our teeth healthy as we age, we also have to work to keep our spines healthy. Don’t worry, visiting The Joint can help.  

While most people think visiting a chiropractor is only necessary if they’re experiencing some sort of pain, experts also recommend visiting a chiropractor before injury occurs. Chiropractors around the world are working hand in hand with patients to help reduce risk of injury and pain and assist patients in health maintenance programs in order to improve their overall wellness.  

Getting rid of subluxations — or spinal misalignments that place stress on nerves — is a common focus of all chiropractic care.  Over time, when subluxations go untreated, they cause stress on the nervous system and block nerve pathways. Those who suffer from subluxations often experience discomfort, chronic pain, and decreased mobility. With a chiropractor’s help, many patients have found increased mobility, decreased pain, and higher functioning nervous systems. 

In addition to helping spinal alignment, chiropractors also assist patients in overall health maintenance. It’s no secret that as we age, our bones, joints, and ligaments do too. This is why it is extremely important to keep using them so they stay strong and accustomed to working properly. Sitting at a desk all day takes a toll on your body. Your posture may suffer, you hip joints may become tense and your muscles may lose their durability. With a chiropractor’s help, many patients find improved joint mobility, coordination and balance, flexibility and strength. 

Start taking care of your body now — not after you start experiencing malfunction. The Joint Chiropractic is open nights and weekends, and don’t worry, you don’t even need an appointment to visit. Walk on in to The Joint today to take control of your health and prevent future pain.

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