Protein & Fiber Filled Cereal Options

Pushing our cart down the cereal aisle can be overwhelming to say the least. With the amount of variations, even in the same type of cereal, the cereal aisle is often the place that we spend the majority of our time when deciding what groceries to buy. Some offer heart boosting, cholesterol lowering properties, some have fancy flavors with added fruit, and some offer good old-fashioned fiber.cereal

Even with all of these wonderful health promises, picking the wrong cereal can still mean disaster for your healthy eating habits. There are an abundance of cereals that have far more sugar in them than you would like to see in something that claims to be good for your health, and knowing which one to ultimately choose can feel like an overly difficult task.

So in order to get the best bang for your buck, the healthiest options and some good flavor, try these three options the next time you’re pitted with the task of picking out a healthy cereal.


Now don’t go running for the hills, it may sound like this cereal is meant to be consumed for dinner, but this form of porridge is a great cereal option for many reasons. It helps you start your day with a burst of energy; it’s gluten-free and its ingredients make it extremely easy for the stomach to digest.

Farina is made through the process of grinding up whole-grain brown rice into a fine, flour like consistency, and when combined with hot water or milk they coagulate and take the form of a mildly thick consistency type of porridge. With no sugar, fat, additives, and all of the other unnecessary things that come with the more popular cereals today, farina is a healthy alternative that you can’t go wrong with. Add real pieces of fruit or nuts to give the flavor a little kick.


An age old favorite; not much in the way of flavor, but that’s nothing that a pinch of sugar or some real fruit cannot fix. This has stood the test of time, for the simple fact that it’s healthy, easy to make, easy to eat and extremely healthy for you.

With a single solitary ingredient of whole wheat, it is truly unlike any other cereal you are bound to come across in today’s day and age. One single serving dishes up about eight grams of dietary fiber, all with exactly zero grams of sugar.


Made when whole quinoa is flattened and then steamed. This gluten free breakfast option is one of the healthiest around. Quinoa is unique in that like soy, it has the ability to take on the flavor of anything that it is surrounded with. So, perhaps chocolate milk or almond milk will help please the palate as the cereal pleases the body as a whole. Loaded with amino acids, they kickstart the immune system, brain function and overall alertness in the morning.



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