Should You Be Taking A Probiotic?

pillsThere’s a reason that your gut is a great gauge for how you’re feeling. The stomach and its surrounding area has certain bacteria that affect the overall stability of both physical and mental health. The phrase go with your gut didn’t just transpire over night.

The GI tract has about 500 species of bacteria living inside of it, the GI tract itself weighs close to three pounds, so it’s safe to say it’s a large part of your body and rightly so. Everything you eat, essentially all of the body’s nutrients must pass through it in order for you to survive. So keeping it in good shape is probably well within your best interests.

One way that many find is easy and convenient in the protection of the stomach is to take a probiotic. Probiotic bacteria have many more functions than digestion. They trigger immune system reactions throughout the body, including activating T-cells. Probiotics can also be consumed through fermented foods, such as miso soup or sauerkraut, but taking a pill everyday seems a little more rational. Some of the other health benefits of taking a probiotic are as follows:

1. Clinically proven to prevent organ dysfunction, prevent chronic colds

2. Known to reverse ulcers in the stomach, aid in the prevention of IBS, and help settle symptoms connected to Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and other gut inflammations.

3. Eradicates Celiac disease or the onset of gluten sensitivity

4. Fights against bacteria that causes yeast infections

5. Properly nourishes enzymes that inhibit tumor production in the body.

6. Replenish the bacteria that is eroded through consumption of MSG in most processed foods

7. Aids in strong mental health, as well as helping to prevent symptoms of autism in some.

If those seven wonderful facts about why a probiotic supplement should be added to your daily vitamin intake don’t convince you, then I don’t know what else will. The amount of illness that starts within the stomach and can spread and turn into more dangerous diseases can comprise a lengthy list. Your stomach should be kept in tip top condition and a probiotic is the best way to do this.


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