Tap Into Your “Fifth Taste” With Umami

The human palate is a wonderful thing. Our taste buds allow us to experience a wealth of different flavors whenever we eat, sometimes all at the same exact time. From salt and sweet, to bitter and sour, tasting different things and acquiring our own sense of taste and preference is one of the greatest parts about trying new foods and drinks. However, when talking about flavor, one specific word is very rarely uttered.umami

The word savory refers to something that has a pleasant taste, smell and has both spicy and salty qualities without being overly sweet. This fifth taste that our palate is able to construe, is often referred to as “umami”

According to a new study, umami has its own unique effect on the human appetite. Described by many as a mouth-watering, meat flavored sensation with a significantly prolonged aftertaste, umami helps to properly balance out all of the flavors of a dish. There are many world-renowned chefs that refer to umami as a flavor synergizer.

Umami is often added to dishes in the form of the additive monosodium glutamate (MSG), because it has the ability to act as an effective flavor enhancer. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, notes that in their studies on the human palate, adding umami in the form of MSG to even the blandest of soup can significantly stimulate appetite, and as a result, helps those eating it to consume less throughout the day.

Sadly, if you know anything about the food you eat and dangerous additives, you’ll know that MSG is atop the list of ones to stay away from. However, there are other naturally occurring umami foods that can add that added extra something you’re looking for to spice up your meals.


Mushrooms are the only known natural plant source of vitamin D, and regular consumption can help guard against obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure, to name a few. Low levels of vitamin D in the body are directly connected to higher rates of body fat, specifically visceral fat around the belly. The Shiitake mushroom is most notable for its immense umami flavor


Truffles, are perhaps the world’s greatest delicacy; they are also one of the most flavorful of the naturally found umami foods. Truffles have three types of natural umami substances found within them. As expensive as they are, truffles boast a rich flavor that is undeniable to the palate.

Green tea (Leaves)

Mostly consumed as a tea to help boost metabolism, fight the risk of obesity, regulate blood pressure and strengthen the bones, green tea leaves are also a great umami source when added to a broth, smoothie or used as a rub on meats. With such versatility, green tea leaves are bursting with flavor and can be consumed in a variety of ways.

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