The Benefit of Farmer’s Markets



When you travel to the supermarket for produce, you are never really given the true knowledge of how the produce got to the supermarket, what farm it came from, and whether or not it was grown in a way that could be harmful to your health. Today, the size of farms is increasing so dramatically to a point where they are essentially corporate entities.

Because of this development, we are seeing produce grown with pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals that are extremely dangerous when ingested by humans. People are also concerned about the amount of distance from field to table, as moving produce can leave quite the carbon footprint.

In addition to the chemical element of farm mechanization, the process of genetic modification to produce is becoming quite common. Genetic modification involved engineering the genetic composition of plants to encourage certain characteristics, increasing the size and durability of produce. Genetic modification is equally if not more dangerous to our health than the use of chemicals and pesticides, and it is running rampant throughout the produce sections of supermarkets nationwide. 

So how do we avoid these two stark realities when it comes to our fruits and vegetables? The local farmer’s market is a great way to start. In both rural and urban areas alike, farmers markets give community members the opportunity to buy fresh produce directly from the farms rather than from mechanized agricultural corporations. Those who buy their produce at farmers markets can be sure that the source is reliable and that the produce they are buying is free of any harmful substances. Additionally, there is an element of community support as well, with community members interacting with the farmers themselves, learning about the farmer’s process and how the produce got from the soil to the stand.

The economic support of farmers combined with the support of improved health status throughout the community is invaluable. Pesticides, insecticides, and genetic modification have been linked to all types of cancers as well as other chronic and acute conditions we see affect so many Americans. If you are looking for a way to add some cleanliness to your produce and guarantee that the source is reliable, the farmer’s market is the perfect place to start.

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