The Incorporation of Chiropractic Care into Corporate Wellness


Corporate wellness is becoming increasingly diverse in the professional sector. As a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the current financial and healthcare landscape in the United States, and the growing emphasis on employee wellness to improve productivity and efficiency, numerous companies are beginning to allocate high levels of funding to corporate wellness programs for their employees.

There are a lot of questions surrounding the composition of the wellness program itself. With a growing amount of attention paid to chiropractic care as a way to possibly alleviate certain health conditions, we are seeing more and more wellness programs including chiropractic care into their service provisions.

Namely, chiropractic care is seeing great success when incorporated into onsite health clinics that are provided as part of a wellness program. When employees do not have to leave the workplace to receive treatment and make an effort to improve their overall health status, the convenience and ease of this wellness option makes both employees and employers quite happy.

However, chiropractors that are hired to practice at these onsite wellness clinics are happy as well, due to the large amounts of improvement they are able to make in their patients as well as the financial potential in this option.

So many different musculoskeletal conditions arise as a result of excessive sitting and a lack of physical activity. Unfortunately, employees in many different professional sectors are faced with excessive amounts of sitting behind a computer, and the nature of their job contributes to decreased activity. Thus, we see a high amount of back problems, neck problems, and many other conditions in employees. With the incorporation of chiropractic care into the workplace wellness center, employees do not have to leave their building to receive an adjustment and take steps to reduce the impact of their work on their bodies.

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