The Strange Reasons Behind Common Neck Pain

Neck pain, one of the leading causes of doctor’s visits, often occurs over a long period of time. This being said, because it occurs for such a long time, it actually makes it hard to uncover the initial cause in many cases.tie

Visiting doctors of chiropractic (DC) will help you to eliminate many common possible causes and hone in on the reason for the pain, in order to develop a plan of action to return your neck to full strength, and erase pain for good. Sometimes when uncovering the causes of neck pain, the more popular reasons are all stricken from the record and some of the more rare and strange reasons are found to be the culprits. Some of these reasons are mapped out below. Take a look and see if maybe these are the reasons for your constant pain in the neck.


These flippy floppies make themselves more known during the summer months, or all year round in a few states across the county. Either way, the constant wearing of these fashionable items can actually hurt the feet if they are of a low quality. Because of the design of the flip-flop, the foot is under constant pressure and becomes overworked in many cases, just through everyday use. The feet and toes work to keep the flip flop on the foot and this changes the way you walk, and has a negative impact on your hips and back. Misalignment in the hips can cause severe discomfort and pain that radiates all the way up the spine as the body tries to compensate.

Sleeping Style

Those who sleep on their stomachs do so with their heads turned to the side. In doing this, the neck is being forced into an overextended and an awkwardly twisted position, and left there for hours on end. Doing this night after night can cause the neck to weaken on one specific side, and for pain to set in permanently. You can however, train the body to sleep in a new position, so it’s not too late to get rid of that pain for good. Sleeping on your back is the most ideal position for the neck. You may have to train yourself to sleep this way over a while, but it will be worth it in the end.

Your Phone
Have you ever been on the phone and at the same time been doing a number of other tasks? Well, we all have at some point in our lives, and in doing so the neck is arched in such a way that it traps the bone between the cheek and the neck. Doing this over and over compromises the integrity of the neck as the weight of your head puts pressure on the neck. If you’re on the phone often this can lead to serious pain and vertebrae issues. When in doubt, use a bluetooth device or speakerphone.

One of the stranger reasons for neck pain, the neck tie adds a sense of sophistication to any outfit, but it may be coming at a price. All too often, neckties are tied too tight, and this can increase tension in the neck. If you wear a tie every day, this can result in constant pain. One way to ensure your tie is tied with the perfect amount of tension is to simply check to see if you can fit the width of your finger between your shirt and neck. If not, then the tie is too tight.




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