Therapy Dogs May Aid Those With Mental Health Disorders


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Our physical health, and our mental health are intertwined. The relationship between the two, is becoming significantly clearer with more research and development efforts being focused on this relationship, but the more complicated part of the equation is our mental health. The concept of mental health reporting in the United States is essentially in its infancy and without a scope of mental health conditions’ impact on our population, it is hard to move forward towards progress.

Understanding any health condition requires knowledge of root causes, internal factors, and environmental conditions that contribute to its development. In mental health conditions, the interaction of these factors is much more complex. However one factor that is involved in almost any mental health situation is stress.

Stress management is unfortunately one of the most difficult self-monitoring practices in existence. Stress has the ability to creep into our daily processes and serve as roadblocks to accomplishing what we have in mind. But an integral part of preserving health and wellness is acknowledging the need to keep our stress levels under control.

It has been documented that service animals are highly efficacious in reducing the burden of a mental disorder. Taking that into consideration, we are seeing an influx of organizations that are devoted to helping individuals manage their stress all over the country by bringing furry friends to their doorstep. College campuses, forward-thinking workplaces, nursing homes, and various other settings are bringing therapy dogs onsite to help ease the collective stress of certain groups.

There is usually no cost for these events as those who pursue bulk sessions with the therapy dogs are able to confer with the providers to arrange times and dates. Many of these organizations are philanthropic, but in some cases they are non-profit organizations that rely on grants and other sources of funding.

Assistance in the ability to manage stress is invaluable, especially when we consider how many lives extremely high stress levels impact. Individuals who struggle heavily are urged to seek professional help but in the mean time, the help of canine comfort is surely an asset.

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