Tips For a Speedy Recovery From a Cold or the Flu

You took all of the recommended and necessary precautions, but it still happened. You sanitized, cleaned, scrubbed, covered your nose, mouth, eyes and ears, but still the pesky bacteria got in and you got sick. Try as you might, sometimes even the common cold is as strong as an ox. So, you’re sick, what do you do now? Well, don’t let it get you down, as easy as that is to say. It will pass, and to help it along the way, try some of these simple tips.


The Most Important Thing is to REST!

This may be the easiest thing to do when you’re bedridden, but it’s also the hardest, as you’ll want to fight the urge to sleep all day. Letting the body recuperate and recharge after it has been wiped out, can help you get back on your feet in no time. Let the immune system build back up, and get you to full health. Trying to fight it and be productive can actually add stress to the body and weaken the immune system, prolonging your recovery time.

Prep Your Bedside

So once you know you’ll be laying down for a while, do all you can to stay that way. Getting up and moving around can derail your efforts to get better. So, stock up on soup, tissues and cold compresses, preferably close to the bed so that it’s only an arm reach away. Drink fluids and sanitize the hands as often as possible too.

Drink Water & Eat Soup

Staying hydrated is of the utmost importance when trying to recover from a cold or flu. Flush out the toxins in the body that are causing you to be so sick and you’ll feel right as rain in no time. Sometimes sports drinks with electrolytes are the way to go as they help replenish the body with the nutrients it needs to get well in a hurry.

Consuming warm soup is a great way to keep the body going too. The nutrients in the broth can aid a sore throat and can boost the body with essential nutrients and vitamins in order to boost health. It also gives a little manageable flavor to the palate!

Try Stretching

If getting out of bed is an option, standing and doing some static stretches can help the muscles and promote blood flow. Simple and small stretches that require little movement are best, things like overhead arm stretches and hamstring pulls are effective and easy.

Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.



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