To Be Better Perceived, Your Diet Should Be a Healthy One

leaderGetting fit, into shape and leading a healthier lifestyle is done for a multitude of different reasons. Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to be able to look good in their favorite jeans, or on the beach in their bathing suits, but the main reason is precisely that: to look good and to feel good. Well, now, according to a study, one of the many perks of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is to gain a little popularity and prowess among those you’re around on a consistent basis

That’s right, whether you’re trying to become the head of the PTA or the weekend book club, a new study in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience says that if you really want to be the head of the class, you need to become best friends with health and use it as your ally, and not intelligence, as you may think.

Researchers conducted an experiment in which they showed a group of 150 people a large collection of faces, of which they were then told to select a leader for an organization that they would be affiliated with. During the testing, there were four separate scenarios that were told to be taken into consideration by the participants. They were as follows: selecting a leader for competition between a group, selecting a leader for cooperation between groups, picking someone to conservatively exploit current resources and choosing someone to explore new alternatives.

The collection of “candidates” had many of the people’s faces altered via the computer to have them look more or less intelligent via bone structure manipulation. It was found that heavily masculine features, often thought to be attractive, such as a strong jaw line, were actually highly associated with lower intelligence. Other faces were altered to have them look more or less healthy; this was done through the change in pigmentation of the skin. For instance, rosier cheeks to help it look as though they were much healthier

Participants in the testing were seen to value leaders with both traits, however, the seemingly healthier faces were the ones that prevailed as they had the most influential characteristics.

So, the results tell us that facial color, complexion and overall appearance of being overly healthy, fit and capable of doing the job, trump that of facial structure or even knowledge of the position itself.

Therefor, it’s safe to say that your healthy, glowing skin may be the bigger contributing factor to how others perceive you. Health is in essence, the biggest value of attractiveness to the majority of us. So, if you appear to be unwell, regardless of how intellectually healthy you are, you may be dead in the water because of your unhealthy appearance.

Never has there been a reason for you to eat healthy every single day.


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