Warning Signs For A Dangerous Vitamin D Deficiency

DAll too many of us seem to not realize, or simply forget, just how important Vitamin D is to the body. It supports bone health, teeth health and also has a number of essential functions in the body that keep us healthy and our immune systems working efficiently.

Sadly, thanks to the nation’s poor eating habits (processed foods, chemicals and additives, etc.), most people are deficient in Vitamin D in a very big way.

The average household only musters up enough energy to consume close to one fourth of the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, a great source of Vitamin D.

According to the national census, a lack of Vitamin D accounts for the majority of instances of bone deformities and abnormalities in children, as well as bone pain and weakness in fully grown adults.

Not getting enough Vitamin D is simply inexcusable, as the daily dose can easily be come by in a number of different forms, including popular food items such as salmon, eggs, tuna, milk and pork.

Some of the common signs of a Vitamin D deficiency include muscle weakness, fatigue, lowered amounts of energy and stamina, chronic joint pain, headaches, depression and increased blood pressure.

Definitive research shows that during the winter and spring months, close to one in six adults will suffer from a form of Vitamin D deficiency. The simple lack of sunlight is partially to blame here; however, eating oil-rich fish and other foods high in Vitamin D can help to keep the levels in your body at an adequate amount.

Simply consuming one portion of fish a week is all it takes to significantly improve Vitamin D levels. This being said, if you do have any suspicions that you may indeed be deficient, then it’s suggested that you visit your doctor for a blood test.

With this said, it generally takes months of Vitamin D supplementation and exposure to regular doses of sunlight to better help to rebuild the body’s bones and nervous system. Adding foods to your diet as well as supplementation, can help to bring your levels back into the healthy range in a timely and safe manner. Don’t get caught out by a deficiency that is 100 percent preventable; keep constant watch over your health and provide your body with the tools it needs to stay healthy all year round.



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