What You Don’t Know About The Joint Chiropractic in San Antonio

The first time visiting anywhere can be daunting, and the amount of questions can really pile up. The first time to a chiropractor can add stress, anxiety and nervousness to that mix. Here at The Joint in San Antonio, we aim to make your visits, your first especially, the most relaxing, informative and helpful experience.joint
First of all, when you come to our clinic, the initial visit will include completing appropriate paperwork and explaining to the doctor your goals in seeking chiropractic care. The Chiropractic doctor then takes a detailed medical history and consultation followed by a head to toe chiropractic examination. If further testing, including but not limited to the taking of x-rays, are required the doctor will work with you to refer you to the appropriate healthcare provider in order for you to get results as quickly and as cost efficient as possible. The doctor will then recommend what course of treatment is appropriate for you, based on the z-ray films received, if necessary. At the end of your first visit, you and the doctor will discuss whether further treatment is necessary, and if so, outline an appropriate treatment plan and regimen for chiropractic care.

Here at The Joint, San Antonio, as with all of our locations, no appointments are necessary even for your first visit. We pride ourselves on having convenient hours to make receiving care more accessible, and this includes being open on Saturday’s. Upon the completion of your paperwork, you will be seen by the doctor promptly. Waiting times are kept to a minimum, and most chiropractic adjustments require as little as 10 minutes to complete.

Questions and concerns are normal, especially if your first visit with us, is your first ever chiropractic appointment. We encourage you to ask any and all questions you have, it will not only help you, but it will help us get a better sense of how to treat you. Your comfort is important, so we ask that you come in comfortable clothing for your visits, to better make you feel relaxed. A typical chiropractic visit includes a thorough health assessment by the doctor and treatment which is often delivered through the spinal adjustment. These manual adjustments are delivered by skilled hands and may most likely make you feel better very shortly after.

Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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