When Your Favorite Cactus Calls Have Your Chiropractor on Standby

picture of cactus gardenSome of us are truly addicted to the seasonal breakouts in plant and tree care. 

Nobody does quite as good a job as we do, and those prize cacti are waiting! Whatever your version of patio, bush, garden or tree care is, make sure your chiropractor is waiting in the wings.

Too many times, many of us scoot out there, up from our winter downtime, and out of shape. 

Taking the time to see your local chiropractor, The Joint, could save a lot of pain, and downtime triggered by overdoing it.

When you stop by, The Joint can help you evaluate your current health and wellness, and figure out ways to get active without getting into trouble.

Using a spinal adjustment to evaluate your spine and joint health, your chiropractor will be seeking to establish the best spinal care without use of medications or surgery.

He or she will want to hear what you are planning for weekend planting, clipping or trimming, what you do daily, and what, if any, pain you are having. There will also be a medical history review and a plan of attack.

One of the chiropractor’s first suggestions may be to warm up and cool down with stretching exercises, before you spend the whole afternoon outside working on your prize specimens. Time flies when the gardening is good, but overdoing it without warming up could bring you right back to the chiropractor with stiff, sore muscles and joints. 

Remember to Stretch

If you’re looking for a simple stretch, consider this:

  • Stand and put your heel on a low step.
  • Keep knee slightly bent.
  • Bend forward until you feel a little pull in the hamstring.
  • If you need to stabilize yourself, hang onto a nearby tree or garden shed.
  • Hold for 20 seconds and alternate legs.
  • While you are standing link your fingers together over your head with palms facing up.
  • Lean to one side, then to the other, holding 10 seconds at a time.

Your chiropractor may also remind you to take frequent breaks, use security straps when using equipment such as trimmers, and alternate stance and positions as you work.

Most important, the first day you are out there you may want to shorten the time a little. You can lengthen sessions gradually as the season goes on.

Plan for your best blooms, and make sure it happens with a little assistance from The Joint. 

The Joint makes visits simpler with no fixed appointments needed and no insurance hassle. Flexible weekday, weekend and evening hours are available and an affordable care plan helps make chiropractic available to everyone. See you there.

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