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Musculoskeletal health is important for everyone to uphold, but when it comes to those who rely on their musculoskeletal health for their professional performance and for their livelihood, there is a whole new level of need to maintain musculoskeletal health. This is true for so many different individuals in industries like agriculture and manufacturing, but there is a whole group of professionals that need musculoskeletal health in order to perform and ensure that their careers will last as long as possible. Specifically, this group refersto professional athletes.

As a way to improve musculoskeletal health and ensure that their careers have longevity and sustainability, many professional athletes have turned to chiropractic care. The main focuses of chiropractic care are non-invasive treatment of musculoskeletal injuries that are free of surgery and pharmaceuticals, injury prevention, and chiropractic adjustment of the musculoskeletal components as a way to restore neural communication, blood flow, and equilibrium in the body. Professional sports teams have begun contracting chiropractors and entering into partnerships with chiropractic care facilities, as a way to start getting their athletes the care that they need.

On the PGA Tour, many professional golfers have spoken quite highly of chiropractic care as a main strategy in getting their musculoskeletal health to the next level. This year’s Masters champion Jordan Spieth thanked his chiropractor in his acceptance speech when being presented with his green jacket, claiming that he never could have gotten to the level of performance that he has achieved without chiropractic care.

Months later, Zach Johnson won the British Open. Zach Johnson has long been a supporter of chiropractic care, having used this discipline of alternative medicine for quite some time now, in an effort to maintain musculoskeletal health during the grueling PGA Tour schedule. Golf is a sport that places significant strain on the musculoskeletal system, so the amount of professional athletes that are devoted to chiropractic care definitely speaks to the efficacy of its practice.

A whole new era of injury prevention in professional sports is currently being ushered in. Fortunately, chiropractic care is leading the way and helping professional athletes promote musculoskeletal health worldwide. As more and more athletes of all types add chiropractic care to their wellness teams, the more attention is put on the treatment.

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